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M3 Rubbing Compound 1kg
M3 Rubbing Compound 1kg
M3 Rubbing Compound 1kg
M3 Rubbing Compound 1kg
M3 Rubbing Compound 1kg

M3 Rubbing Compound 1kg

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Scholl Concepts
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Scholl Concepts M3 Rubbing Compound is a high performance heavy cutting compound for polishing heavily weathered, faded and yellowed gelcoat surfaces. The unique combination of high cutting performance, brilliant gloss and easy application enables heavily scratched white gelcoat surfaces can be transformed to an impeccable high-gloss finish in just one single step.

With Scholl Concepts M3 there is virtually no dust contamination and it is free of silicone, wax and toxic solvents.

Cut: Extra Heavy 

Which pads should I use with Scholl Concepts M3 Rubbing Compound?

Scholl Concepts M3 works best with foam or wool pads. Use with the Scholl Concepts Spider Sandwich Pad, Navy Blue Spider Pad or traditional twisted lambswool and lambswool pads. For the most efficient application of M3 Extra Heavy we recommend the use of our firm spider polishing pads with calibrated surface at a polisher speed of around 1500 rpm. The resulting mirror-like gloss is impressive.


How do I remove heavy imperfections?

Scholl Concepts M3 is suitable for removal of heavy imperfections. If the surface you are polishing contains extreme imperfections (extreme dull or scratched gelcoat surfaces) use M0 prior to polishing up with M3.

Do not apply too much polishing compound as it will build a lubricating film which hinders the removal rate. Wipe off polish residue with a soft polishing cloth.

How should I finish dark gelcoat or remove light scratches and imperfections?

Use Scholl Concepts M20 Compound with the Scholl Concepts Black Softouch Waffle Foam to finish dark gelcoat surfaces after polishing with Scholl Concepts M3 (this step may be omitted on white gelcoat surfaces).

M20 can also be used to remove light scratches and imperfections.

To finish, apply Scholl Concepts A15+ Polish (cuts and applies wax protection) by machine or Scholl Concepts NEO Polymer Protection by machine or by hand, or Scholl Concepts SW spray waxes (SW20 or SW30) manually.


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