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Spautopia Valeting Towel
Spautopia Valeting Towel
Spautopia Valeting Towel
Spautopia Valeting Towel
Spautopia Valeting Towel

Spautopia Valeting Towel

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The best-selling Spautopia Valeting Towel is a large drying towel with incredible absorbency. Designed for use after shampooing and rinsing your vehicle, it's a modern take on the traditional chamois - but far more effective!

The Spautopia Valeting Towel leaves an exceptional shine and finish, even without waxing! Its specially formulated fibre surface gives instant and superior absorbency and it leaves glass crystal clear. It eradicates fly impacts - no chemicals required - and leaves no waterspots or streaks after drying. 

The towel is non-scratch and fibre-free and can be washed and reused again and again. Its generous 90cm x 60cm size means you only need to wring out once or twice to dry an entire vehicle.

The Spautopia Valeting Towel can be used from dry but we recommend you dampen it first for best results - see our instructions for use below. Also, the more you use it, the better it gets!

Instructions for use

The Spautopia Valeting Towel can be used from dry, but for best results use damp, rather like you would a chamois leather. Immerse the towel in hot (if possible), clean water and wring out ALL the excess. After shampooing and rinsing your vehicle, wipe the vehicle dry using the Spautopia Valeting Towel. Use to great effect on glass, paintwork, chrome, plastics, etc. Wring out as necessary: due to the towel's large size and super absorbency, this is often only necessary once or twice during the drying of an entire vehicle. Hang out to dry after use, ready to reuse again. If your towel is soiled after use, following our cleaning advice below.

Washing guidelines

Machine or hand wash on a low (30 degrees) temperature. Use a mild detergent, but DO NOT use fabric softener as this clogs up the microfibres of the cloth and will impede its future performance.


I saw this advertised in a magazine and thought I'd give it a punt. I can honestly say it's awesome. It dries the car much quicker than a chamois and my car has a lovely shine without using wax. Best £12 I've spent in ages.

Civinfo/Honda Civic Forum

I was amazed! The results after just cleaning the car are exceptional. Even the glass does not need polishing and the towel dries it smear-free.

Ray Wadsworth
Rotherham, South Yorkshire

The Valeting Towel leaves my Romahome Motorcaravan free of water and shining bright! It is much easier and quicker than the product I used in the past. Well worthy of recommendation.

Rodney Glenn
Leeds, West Yorkshire

Excellent product! It took the water off my car in half the time and with no marks left behind.

Simon Nunn
Customer, By email

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