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Premium Lambswool Polishing Pad 180mm
Premium Lambswool Polishing Pad 180mm
Premium Lambswool Polishing Pad 180mm

Premium Lambswool Polishing Pad 180mm

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Spautopia's Premium Lambswool Polishing Pads are brushed, combed and vacuumed resulting in less fibre loss when compounding, and offer the ultimate quality and performance in a lambswool pad. These top quality lambswools cut quicker than a foam pad, and last longer. The heat absorbing characteristics of wool fibres greatly reduces the amount of heat generated during machine polishing, allowing defects to be eliminated quicker.

Velour-backed for hook-it backing pad attachment, the lambswools can be washed and reused.

Recommended for use in conjunction with Scholl Concepts S17+ for final finishing, giving excellent results.

Pad cut: Heavy (5/6)

Pad size: 180mm (Extra Large) - sold individually (not as pictured) 

Which compounds should I use with Lambswool Pads?

Use with S3 Edition Gold or S17+ on extremely weathered finishes and for scratch and swirl removal. There is likely to be some hazing or hologramming remaining after their use, but a simple second stage with a foam pad and a finishing pad will yield extremely good results.

Advice for professional users

Regular pad spurring (cleaning) is advised during use or swapping to fresh pads to prevent clogging, glazing and potential marring of the paint surface from spent compound.

How should I clean my Spautopia Lambswool Pads?

The pads can be machine or hand washed at a low temperature. After washing, apply to your polishing machine and spin to remove excess moisture, before reusing. We recommend a quick spray with SP Wonderspray prior to popping them in your machine or cleaning by hand - to aid the cleaning process.


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